Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Hawkman Live Action Movie

Hawkman MovieThe first rumor about a live action movie Hawkman started back in December 2009. According to that rumor Hawkman would be the next DC Comics character to get the big screen treatment from Warner Brothers. Still nothing official yet though... Well, Hawkman did make an appearance in the special Justice Society episode of Smallville in February 2010. So, some have speculated that Warner Bros was actually checking if Hawkman's appeal was still strong enough for the winged superhero to get his own movie.

Hakwman isn't the most popular superhero, we can actually consider him as a second-tier superhero. But with a real budget and the right cast the film could definitely transform into a hit: a winged superhero using archaic weaponry has some appeal for sure. I'm pretty sure that Warner Bros is considering a Hawkman movie.

Several incarnations of Hawkman have appeared in DC Comics. So it's hard to tell what version the film would be based on. Anyway, who do you think could play as Hawkman? An what version of the character would you prefer for the Hawkman movie?